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From Headache to Happiness: 3 Ways to Date Logically

Ladies contrary to what some of you may believe, men are very smart. Unlike many of us, they use rational to make their decisions instead of sheer emotions. Don’t believe me? Think about the last time you tried to get a man to see things from your point of view....

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Remember Your Worth

So often we tend to get hung up on the exterior. Too often that we turn a blind eye to its interior components. Would you be so quick to purchase your dream home if you knew hidden beneath all its beauty, the foundation was cracked? So why would you allow yourself to...

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Healthy Mindsets

“I think I can, I think I can!” Takes you back to childhood, right? This isn’t merely just a catchy phrase we once heard from a little engine. Let’s break this down. “I think I can” is more than 4 words. In all simplicity, the essence behind...

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