Sarita Weldon, affectionately known as Sarita Shares, is the founder and CEO of Sarita Shares, LLC. Before she became a Certified Life Coach and dynamic Motivational Speaker, Sarita can recall a time when she spent many years wandering around blind to her own purpose in life. When she finally realized there had to be more to life than living just to exist, is the day her life changed forever. Through seeing others also struggle with understanding their purpose in life, she became inspired to create Sarita Shares, LLC. Sarita’s mission is to encourage, inspire, and assist those seeking to discover their purpose in life through educating them on the importance of living with purpose.

As a Certified Professional Life Coach, Sarita strives to empower teenage girls and women to live in purpose, on purpose. She is The Purpose Queen™ sharing her candid, practical, spiritually-led pearls of wisdom. Sarita has worked in the Richmond Public Schools grades K-12 mentoring young adults. She has also partnered with Girls on the Run International: Heart & Sole, as a Coach, where she assists young girls in building important life skills. These skills include team building, boundary setting, decision-making, and developing a support system. Sarita has been a featured speaker at women’s empowerment workshops sponsored by SheEmpowers International and CEO Magazine RVA. An honored panelist at the HypeHer women’s empowerment expo held in Washington, DC, a featured Coach at the Modern Femme Convention and a presenter at The Singles Project a nationwide 30 Day singles boot camp. 

Sarita Shares, LLC based in Virginia Beach, VA strives to strengthen its community through volunteering and outreach endeavors. Sarita is active in her community through various organizations and ministries that aim to improve the quality of life for those whom they serve. As a Purpose & Relationship Coach and Personal Branding Strategist Sarita specializes in coaching others to effectively develop healthy lifestyles: mentally, physically, and spiritually by creating and sustaining purposeful lives.

Her motto is, “If it doesn’t have purpose, then it doesn’t make sense!”

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