“I think I can, I think I can!” Takes you back to childhood, right? This isn’t merely just a catchy phrase we once heard from a little engine. Let’s break this down. “I think I can” is more than 4 words. In all simplicity, the essence behind these words is buried in an individual’s inherent thought process. Ultimately, what you believe will come to be.

Understand this: your thoughts have great power! The influence of your mindset will either carry you far or keep you bound—typically to a place you don’t desire to be. So why is it that many don’t walk in authority? The answer? Their unhealthy mindsets! Ask yourself:  what type of power have you given to your thoughts lately? If your thoughts haven’t scared you at least once or twice, then they’re probably not big enough. Bold enough.  Profound enough. So how does one shift from powerless thinking to creating powerhouse momentum in affirming prevailing thoughts over your life?

1. Thoughts vs Beliefs.
Your thoughts can change by the minute, for some, even seconds. From where you think you want to eat to how you think you feel about that new gadget you just may purchase. Thoughts can be fleeting. Now beliefs are a constant. They are the “I know that I know, that I know, I know.” See, what you believe is rooted in your make up. Whether your belief was something inherited as a small child, or maybe even a life experience that has now ingrained a certain system of beliefs in you, your beliefs are typically very unchanging.

2. Self-confidence works wonders. Have you ever seen someone who exudes confidence? We all know someone that even at the brink of their next short coming, can still manage to find the silver lining! If there is one thing for sure, self-confidence is a secret weapon you must learn to tap into and never unplug. When you are genuinely confident in yourself you don’t seek the validation of others. Seeking the approval of others is the quickest way to kill your tranquility and self-esteem. This, for sure, cannot attribute to a healthy mindset.

3. Birds of a feather.
We’ve all heard the old saying, “birds of a feather flock together.” So I ask you:  who is in your circle? Are you surrounding yourself with other positive and like-minded individuals? If not, this is likely why you have grown complacent in your stinking thinking! Have you ever been in a room where the energy was light and refreshing then suddenly that one negative Nancy came in as a killjoy? Ugh. How tragic! Now even worse, imagine that you are that friend in the group? Yikes! Not such pretty thought to be the rain cloud looming over the bunch is it? When you have a healthy mindset you attract those who are the same.  Say hello to the laws of attraction. You in turn receive what you give.  Don’t like what you’re getting? Change how you think!

This isn’t to say that there totally won’t be those days when you’re over the entire day by 9am. However, even on your worst days how you respond is still a conscious choice only you can make. Why not daily exercise positive intent and inspirational thoughts? The world already has more than enough stinking thinking going around. So starting today vow to stare adversities, challenges, and hardships in the face. Then tackle them head-on with a healthy mindset. Life is truly mind over matter. What type of mindset do you desire?

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