So often we tend to get hung up on the exterior. Too often that we turn a blind eye to its interior components. Would you be so quick to purchase your dream home if you knew hidden beneath all its beauty, the foundation was cracked? So why would you allow yourself to be sold solely on a pretty package without first investigating all it’s contents?

Yes, you like it—you may even love it. But, when was the last time you truly examined it? What is it made up of? How will it benefit you in the long run? Will its involvement in your life catapult or hinder you? See far too often, if we’re honest with ourselves, we turn a blind eye to those infamous red flags. You know the ones that (had we closed down shop months ago) could’ve spared our hearts, minds & best efforts all the trouble.

Announcement (as if you do not already know): there will be many! I do mean many, many things in life that are appealing to the eyes, yet very detrimental to the soul at the same time. Remember, the devil doesn’t always come dressed in a cape with horns; he comes packaged with everything you thought you ever wanted.

I say all that to say this: You are your greatest investment. You are priceless. One of a kind. Fearfully & wonderfully made. Many spend their entire lives pruning, growing and self-developing into the best, that they can be. Never allow people who can’t appreciate your value chip away at your self-love, self-respect & most importantly your self-worth.

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